Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Welcome back Plato. You have been missed by everyone except probably the bean counters, admin and the senior management. Now I mention these three because I have been approached by all three of them over the last week. HR have asked that you are controlled properly, words like 'off the wall', 'makes life hard' and 'dangerous', were used. The other two both mentioned that 'openly questioning and showing up the decisions made' is 'awkward'. The message from them is for you to behave and tow the line.
One senior manager did mention the fact that your students catch your 'sense of humour and brand of critical thinking' and suggested that you 'concentrate on instilling discipline and teaching your subject. The problem is now that we can't tell if a 'stunt' is his or a students and we even suspect other members of staff of colluding and questioning the status quo'.
An example given were the posters that appeared last week advertising the Directorate Christmas Party - all friends welcome. To be held in the telephone box next to the university Vice Chancellors Office. It is no longer safe to assume that you are directly responsible.

The message quietly and privately from the rest of the university is to keep going. Merry Christmas Plato.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hi Plato,
I must say that buying a dozen ducks for a family in the third world for Christmas for the Deputy VC is a very generous gift. Putting live copies of all twelve of them in his office last night might not have been the best career move ever. I had no idea that duck poo could go that far!

Whilst everyone else thinks that it is funny and has certainly given people something to smile about I have a sneaking suspicion he has had a bit of a sense of humour failure and has asked to see you before you leave today. May I suggest a little humility and an apology.
When the hell did you get them from?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interdepartmental email
To: All Staff
From: Head of Registry
Date: 19th December 2007

University Prospectus Error

We have just been informed about an error discovered in the new 2008 University prospectus. Although the final draft went through the various levels of checking and proof reading it would appear that the prospectus advertises a degree course and a faculty that does not exist at the university. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is investigating how this has happened. However as the print run was completed and the prospectuses had been sent out before the error was noticed we can not recall or reprint it at this stage. So please be advised that if any prospective student contacts any member of staff asking for 'The Obvious Thought Faculty' (sic) or inquires about a full honours modular degree course entitled ' Silo thinking and it's effect on Higher Education' please advise them that this is a printers error, and that neither the faculty nor the course exists.

The final proofs that were sent to the University Print Service did not contain these two additional pages. It is suspected that the pages inserted whilst it was in the print room, after final checking and before the print run. If anyone has any information as to how this error might have occurred could they please contact the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Mr. xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Head of Registry