Monday, January 22, 2007

1610 Monday

As there appears to be considerable confusion a full new set of competencies will be issued within the next month. Please disregard all previous versions .

Assistant Director of HR
1450 Monday

Please note Please check your competency folders. It would appear that a series of non official competencies have been distributed as amendments some time ago and people have updated their folders with the wrong competencies, including the set that was an official set distributed last week in error with a printing error. Please remove all non official competencies and those sent out in error last week.

Director of HR
1355 Monday

Please note that the HR management communication competencies that have been circulated today are not official competencies which are confidential to HR. Like the non official management competencies these should be destroyed forthwith and not passed on. If anyone has any information where these are coming from please inform HR forthwith.

Director of HR
1310 Monday

Further to my memo earlier today

The official management competencies are the correct competencies not the ones that look like the official management competencies but are not. Please only destroy the non official management competencies. The real official management competencies must not be destroyed.

Director of HR
1215 Monday
Intercampus communication to all staff.

It would appear that a set of University Management Competencies have been circulating around the staff. Whilst these look official and appear to have been drafted by HR, they are not. Would staff please destroy them forthwith and not propagate them further.

Director of HR