Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dear Platothefish,
Whilst I admire your energy, high production rate of papers and your wide range of interests , questions are being asked about your attendance at conferences. The university is committed to providing travel and accommodation cost for all academics who are publishing papers at conferences.
It has been noticed however the the conferences you are presenting at all appear to be in somewhat exotic locations; Hawaii, Sydney, Hong Kong, Manila, Wellington, Santa Barbara to name just a few planned for this year.
Some of your proposed article titles are also starting to raise interest and comment from within the university. I refer to:
  • Leadership problem solving in British Higher Education: The case of the missing leaders.
  • Problem solving skills within the HR profession in academia: A study of learned helplessness.
  • An examination of creative leadership practices in Higher Education: Innovation or habit?
For example. Can we have a chat this week please?


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