Saturday, December 20, 2008

As you will have noticed a very large set of neon Olympic rings has been installed on the front of the main university building. They have been there for about a week. Everyone assumed it had some official purpose but on investigation none of the departments know anything about it. before we remove the said item can you all just check if they were placed there for an official purpose. It's just that the plug for the rings is trailed through the window of the HR directors office and the window won't shut properly.

1 hour later - reference the 5 gold rings - it would appear that we have been the victim of a continuing prank. If anyone has any information where these rings have come from please inform HR or the security service.


Tony Kennick said...

You do know the twelve days start at, not end on, Christmas?

Platothefish said...

I doth. However thanks for the factual correction. Given the vagaries of UK university Christmas holidays and the fact that most people don't return until the second week of January, seasonal japes need to be erhm tinkered with slightly. Think of it as the Hollywood version. Correct in spirit if not in substance.