Monday, January 24, 2011

"Sorry sir you can't go through the barrier without a pass."
"I'm a new member of staff and they are going to give me my pass at the new staff induction that is starting in about 20 minutes"
" No pass No access sir"
" All these other cars?"
"Yes sir they don't have passes either."
"Let me guess, they are all going to the new staff induction?"
" Yes sir."
" Ok how do I get a pass to go to the induction?"
"You get them...."
" at the new staff induction by any chance?"
" Yes sir, have you worked here before sir?"
"No, just a wild guess"
" yes sir"
" So in order to get to the new staff induction to get a pass, I need the pass that I will get at the new staff induction. Just checking I have this right"
" Yes sir , that's right sir, that's they system sir."
" system implies... Oh never mind. Are you on your own out here?"
"Are you threatening me sir? "
"not yet"
" Have you got to stay here?"
" Yes sir until relieved sir"
" So hypothetically speaking if someone was to just drive through you would have to stay here?"
" er yes sir, I suppose so. It has never happened sir. No one just drives through, I mean, Sir? Sir? SIR!"

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