Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Dr. Platothefish

The Teaching Committee have returned your course description and materials. There is some concern about a case study you intend to use entitled 'Uses and Abuses of Power - Sole Use'. You may recall that the case study is a about a 'fictitious' Vice-Chancellor who requisitions the most elaborate and beautiful room at the Old Hall in the University and decrees that no one else is allowed to use the room apart from her. All other meetings booked for the room have to be rearranged or cancelled even if the room is not being used.
As we have such a room in the University and it's use has been restricted to Vice-Chancellor functions only it was felt that this was not a suitable subject for discussion with the students. You are therefore requested to construct another fictitious case study for use with your class.

Professor Plum
Dean of Learning and Preaching

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