Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Platothefish
From: Professor xxxxx
Subject: Scorecards
Plato I have just had this email. I know one of your things is teaching quality or rather the lack of it. Do you know anything about this? A number of staff have had these. The ones who got good marks, 5/10 and above are ok. A couple with 1 and 2/10 are kicking up a storm. I am not sure that we want to promote student power (which is another one of your 'things') at the moment.


Hi Jake,
I have just finished a lecture and the students handed me a sealed envelope, inside was a score card with marks out of 10 for my last lecture, my teaching style, sense of humour, ease of understanding, boredom factor and a whole load more. I was a little perplexed. When I spoke to other members of the faculty they also have had these score cards. Where are they coming from? Are they official? They are properly printed. My final comment was 'Out to lunch'. What does this mean?

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