Friday, March 14, 2008

The Vice-Chancellor would like thank your class for volunteering to a person to help with the Free Pensioners Lunch Club. Oddly they appear to have a fantastic plan prepared. Anyway the V.C. is a little concerned and has asked me to have a quiet word with you. Do they have to wear their superhero suits to this event? Whilst we need the help and really appreciate their involvement we don't think that the suits are exactly the image the V.C. is trying project with her innovation.
Would you mind having a word with them please. Also I though that you only had 30(ish) students. There are over 100 names on this 'Plato's Group' list. Do they all wear the suits??


Hi Diana,
I had a word with them. It was 'Congratulations'. I am sure the suspense of their attire will add to the event and the V.C's new found reputation for creativity. See you on Saturday!

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