Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Why are all your Superheroes walking around in 4's today?"

"Plato, the campus is full of your caped crusaders - what's going on?"

"Just how many students do you have? There are piles of masked and caped people walking about this morning. They all appear to be in groups of 4 - what are you up to?"

"Ha ha very funny, 4 of your students dressed in their famous black suits, masks and red capes just turned around as I approached. You are going to be in soooo much trouble Plato. God I love you! I am in pain here I am laughing so much"

"I have just followed 4 of your students across the campus. Each one has a different letter in white on their capes. The way they were arranged the letters spelled out the word A.R.S.E. What is going on?"

"Oh no! The Institute of Ambiguity, Risk and Situational Experience! I get it. I think it's very funny but I wouldn't want to be you when the VC finds out what he has signed off."

"Plato - please come to my office - I think we need to discuss the naming of this Institute of yours. I knew this would be trouble. What on earth the Senate thought it was doing giving you something like an institute to play with I will never know."

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